Rosemary Mermaid Hair Oil Growth & Repair Bundle 50ml

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  • Our best-selling hair oil is better in 3’s!
  • Great value when you bundle & save
  • Made in Australia from 100% natural, plant-based ingredients & organic botanicals
Australian Made & Owned
100% Natural
Vegan & Cruelty Free

3 x 50ml Bottles

Our best selling Mermaid Hair Growth & Repair Oil is now available in a 3 pack!

Looking for an all-natural hair treatment that can help stimulate hair growth, improve thickness and strength, treat dandruff, and reduce breakage? Look no further than Butterfly Botanicals' hair oil. Carefully crafted with nutrient-rich carrier oils and healing essential oils, this nourishing treatment harnesses the power of nature to give you stronger, healthier hair.

Our hair oil is 100% natural and beautifully scented, making it a joy to use. We use organic castor oil for its vitamin E, fatty acids, minerals, and anti-inflammatory properties, which help make hair shine and stimulate growth. Avocado oil is included for its fatty acids, which prevent breakage by sealing cuticle cells and deeply nourishing the scalp to reduce dandruff.

We also use peppermint pure essential oil, which promotes hair growth by increasing blood flow, dermal thickness, follicle number, and follicle depth. Finally, rosemary pure essential oil offers antifungal and antimicrobial properties to promote a healthy scalp and prevent dandruff.

Butterfly Botanicals' hair oil is a powerful, all-natural hair care solution to support hair  and scalp health for thicker, more beautiful hair. Try it today to experience the nourishing benefits for yourself!


Deep treatment: Brush hair then massage desired amount of hair oil into scalp and comb through to ends. Leave on for 20 minutes or more then shampoo and condition as normal.

Leave in serum: Disperse a few drops of hair oil on finger tips and run through hair to smooth fly aways and split ends.

Ingredients: Organic Ricinus communis (castor oil), Persea americana (advocado oil), Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) essential oil, Mentha piperita L. (peppermint) essential oil, Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) essential oil, Salvia sclarea (clary sage) essential oil.

Caution: Spot test before use and discontinue if irritation occurs. External use only. Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

This product is completely synthetic chemical free, vegan, sustainably packaged and made in Australia with 100% natural and organic ingredients.


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