At Butterfly Botanicals, we wholeheartedly acknowledge the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nations and their enduring connection to the traditional lands on which we work and reside.

With deep respect, we honor the Elders who have guided and enriched their communities in the past, as well as those who continue to inspire and lead in the present. We understand that sovereignty was never ceded, and we remain committed to recognizing and celebrating the cultural heritage of the First Nations people in our ongoing journey as a brand.

Every product we create is a tribute to the natural wonders that Australia generously provides. From the lush botanicals to the revitalizing herbs, we cherish the gifts that the land bestows upon us. Our commitment to using organic ingredients is a way of honoring and preserving the delicate balance that has been nurtured over countless generations by the Wurundjeri people and other Indigenous communities.

As we blend these precious elements into our oils, shower steamers, and candles, we are mindful of the cultural heritage attached to each ingredient. We take great care to ensure that our practices align with the respect for the land held by the traditional custodians.

With every product, we strive to convey not only the essence of nature but also the spirit of unity with the earth. It is our belief that by incorporating these locally sourced ingredients, we can share a part of the land's story and pay homage to the profound wisdom that has guided the Wurundjeri people throughout history.

In expressing our gratitude and appreciation, we endeavor to create a harmonious relationship with the land and its Indigenous communities. We are committed to ethical practices that safeguard the environment and empower local communities, and we hope that our offerings from Butterfly Botanicals serve as a reminder of the timeless bond between the people and the land.