What is Butterfly Botanicals?

Butterfly Botanicals is a Melbourne-based, female -owned, conscious skincare & wellness brand, dedicated to Australian made 100% natural skincare. We only use premium quality natural, vegan, ethically sourced ingredients in our formulations to provide beautiful, natural alternatives to mass produced, chemical containing products.  Our products are lovingly created with the intention of enhancing the population’s well-being while caring for the earth and our furry friends.

What do you offer?

Unique face, hair and body oils infused with ethically sourced crystals, organic botanicals and pure essential oils, and organic calendula infused baby oil and baby butter using the most gentle and pure ingredients are some of our key offerings. We also have a range of healing bath salts to create the ultimate self-care ritual and beautifully decorated pure soy candles that are artificial fragrance free, meaning they are completely safe to burn in your home. We never compromise on quality and only use the best plant-based ingredients available.

Why choose natural?

Did you know that the average women applies 168 chemicals to her face and body every single day through her selected personal care products? To us that is very concerning. Our modern-day bodies and environment are already full of toxins from pollution, cleaning products, processed and inorganic food etc. and all of these chemicals can have an accumulative negative long-term effect on our health and quality of life.

The good news is that everyone has the power to make their home less toxic and improve the health of their families by making conscious consumer choices. We know that the use of chemicals in skincare isn’t necessary, and we are so proud to offer natural, effective products that are 100% chemical free.  

What about sustainability?

We care deeply about the health of the environment which is why we always choose the most sustainable options available and never use any chemicals in our products, therefore eliminating the need for them to be manufactured. Our formulations are lovingly created from sustainably sourced plant-based ingredients which are always organic when possible.

We believe that everything we need to heal is available in nature which is why it is essential to protect mother earth for future generations. We don’t use any plastic in our packaging, which is all made from recycled or recyclable wood products, right down to the water adhesive tape. All of our product bottles and jars are made from glass, and we encourage you to reuse them but they can all be recycled too.

Sustainability in the beauty industry is an area that is constantly evolving and still needs much improvement, we will always embrace more sustainable options as they become available.

How does Butterfly Botanicals give back to the community?

Every month Butterfly Botanicals donates 5% of profits to a different organisation that is working hard to protect animals, human rights or the environment. We love to support causes that our community is passionate about. If you would like to be involved in deciding where our contributions will go each month head over to our Instagram page and follow for the monthly call out.

Who's behind Butterfly Botanicals

Butterfly Botanicals was created in 2021 when its founder Minque Stephens began a health journey and realised that it wasn’t just her diet that needed a detox but also her home and personal care products. Minque is a student naturopath and is knowledgeable in the areas of herbal manufacturing, aromatherapy and the healing properties of plants, so she began creating formulations that harness this healing power.

Minque grew up in country Victoria and has always had a deep connection with nature, her family were innovators in the spa industry and she was exposed to the health benefits of hydrotherapy, body work and beauty therapy from a young age. Butterfly Botanicals combines Minque’s passion for health, nature and beauty in an intentional product offering.

Our promise to you

We will always deliver beautiful, quality, luxurious products without the hefty price tag. We want people to chose natural skincare because we care about health and caring for the environment so we will always ensure that our products are accessible to everyone without compromising on quality.

We will never ever put any nasty chemicals into our formulations, we are committed to being a truly clean beauty brand.

We will always choose the most environmentally friendly options in all aspects of the business from office functioning to product production and distribution.

Things you'll love

🦋 Free postage on all orders over $60
🦋 Fast dispatch within 2 days of order placement
🦋 Our commitment to sustainability
🦋 Honest clean beauty, no gimmicks or greenwashing
🦋 Your purchase makes a difference, 5% of all profits are donated each month

Get in touch

We would love to hear from you! Please send any enquires to the below email address and we will respond within two business days.

Email: contact@butterflyseedswellbeing.com